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Turning World Communications ("TWC" below) defines Personally Identifying Information as data that a visitor to an Internet website voluntarily submits through any Internet communication channel on that site — whether open and immediately accessible or merely identified (like a static email address). The data voluntarily submitted must also be of a type that can be used to help readily name, identify, communicate with, or find the person who submits the data.

This TWC website operates in concert with authorized third-party suppliers, and through its operation TWC receives Personally Identifying Information, or PII.

TWC receives the PII after people send electronic mail to addresses ending in "" posted on this site. PII routinely received through the operation of this site include individuals' email addresses and first and last names.


TWC defines Other Identifying Information, or OII, as data that are automatically gathered about a visit to an Internet website when a visitor interacts with the site or simply because the visit occurs — weblog statistics, for example.

OII are comparatively anonymous. But the data (particularly when combined) can help to name, identify, communicate with, or find specific visitors to whom such data are linked or can be linked.

OII about visits to this website are routinely gathered by TWC with the aid of authorized third-party suppliers. The OII commonly include: navigation on this site including exact pages visited; the dates and hours of visits; the external websites that refer visitors to this site; visitors' operating systems (e.g., Macintosh® or Windows®) and Web browser types and versions; words used in a search engine query resulting in a visit; which countries visitors arrive from; and the computer "hostnames" of this site's 30 most frequent visitors each month.


TWC uses PII and OII received and gathered by the operation of this website to:


In operating this website TWC does not, acting alone, deliver the data file tools known as "cookies" in any attempt to receive or gather PII or OII.

However, TWC authorized third-party suppliers may possibly try to deliver "persistent" cookies (i.e., data sent by a site's HTTP server, stored on a visitor's computer hard drive, and then sent back and forth during site use), non-persistent "session" cookies, or both.

Accepting any cookies TWC third-party suppliers try to deliver is optional, and instructions on how to reject, accept, and delete previously accepted cookies (or files containing cookies) can typically be found in a Web browser's "Help" or "Privacy" or "Security" section. Rejecting any cookie sent by this website's third-party suppliers may possibly result in partial or total loss of this site's display, function, or both.

As a precaution people using public computers or computers in public areas should not elect to have any Internet website remember their sign-in data.


TWC does not rent, sell, or market to any third party the PII or OII received or gathered by the operation of this website.

TWC will likely share with third parties PII and OII received and gathered by the operation of this website whenever such sharing is necessary to process, verify, or fill orders for TWC products or services.

TWC reserves the right to share with third parties PII and OII received and gathered by the operation of this website as required by court order or subpoena or to protect the rights, property, or safety of TWC and its staff, patrons, and site visitors.

TWC is a private enterprise. If TWC is ever sold to or integrated with another entity no PII or OII received or gathered by the operation of this website will be disclosed or transferred by TWC as part of any such sale or integration.


The Internet is not 100 percent secure. Information can be accessed, altered, and misused by people who lack permissions or required rights. TWC administers this website using unique keys, coded access, and other diverse tools to help ensure security. Every unauthorized person who subverts (or aids in subverting) this site's security features is risking legal prosecution.


TWC does not use (and does not give any entity consent to use) PII or OII received or gathered by the operation of this website to make mass delivery of unauthorized commercial communications developed solely to promote TWC or this site.

TWC does use PII received by the operation of this website to deliver "mailing list" communications people have previously authorized. The "mailing list" communications will likely be partly or totally designed to promote TWC, its advertisers, or both.

TWC does use PII received by the operation of this website to deliver communications, whether or not previously authorized, that the company deems are an important part of day-to-day operations. Recipients may possibly interpret the communications to be partly or totally promotional.


All records of PII and OII TWC obtains by the operation of this website become the permanent property of TWC. Every person should presume that TWC records of all such data will be retained forever by TWC.

People who have had their PII received by TWC through the operation of this website are encouraged to keep their information current to help TWC provide quality service. People can update their PII received by TWC by resubmitting through the original channel (through the same email address, for example). If the original channel is not available or desirable then the updated information can be sent by electronic mail to "privacy" at "" or by postal mail to the address below. Requests to opt-out of TWC "mailing list" communications will be promptly honored.


TWC does not knowingly engage in trade with any person less than 18 years old. Further, this site is not designed to solicit or receive (and does not intentionally receive) any Personally Identifying Information from any person less than 13 years old.


When visitors to this TWC website activate any of this site's hyperlinks to any Internet Uniform Resource Locator address that is not part of this site then they are subject to the privacy practices and policies of that external URL. TWC bears no responsibility for any privacy practice or policy of any external Internet site or page.


The TWC authorized third-party supplier contributing to the receipt of PII by TWC through the operation of this website is A Small Orange, LLC.

The TWC authorized third-party suppliers contributing to the gathering of OII by TWC through the operation of this website are Hewlett-Packard Development Company, LP, Twitter, Inc., YouTube, LLC, and A Small Orange, LLC. Hewlett-Packard Development Company, LP, is a printer of and payment processor for Turning World Magazine. Twitter, Inc., provides the "Tweet" button on this Turning World Magazine page. Twitter, Inc., also provides the "Follow Us" button on this News page, this "Embracing Haiti" page, and this "Framing Haiti" page. YouTube provides the media player for all videos on the site.

TWC chooses its suppliers with care. Regardless, visitors to this site are encouraged to learn the privacy practices and policies of each TWC supplier, because TWC does not bear responsibility for any supplier's practices or policies (or for those of suppliers to TWC authorized suppliers).


As the Internet and TWC evolve TWC will change and replace (i.e., "update") this Privacy statement with or without prior notice, but the statement posted on this website will be the most current statement. The date the statement was last updated will be part of the posted statement. All PII and OII this site received or gathered prior to posting any updated statement will only be used as described in the statement posted when those PII and OII were first received or gathered.


Every adult with any question, comment, concern, or suggestion regarding this Privacy statement is encouraged to write by electronic mail to "privacy" at "" or by postal mail to:

ATTN: Privacy Statement
Turning World Communications
P.O. Box 650771
Vero Beach, FL 32965

NOTE: P.O. Box number invalid after Feb. 27, 2021.


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