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"I am eager to be photographing in Haiti again, but Turning World also needs to be more proactive and creative in seeking faithful patrons."

    ― Brad Workman, Photojournalist

Independent Photojournalist to Revisit Haiti; Seeks Public's Input on Ways to Reach Patrons

Third Quarter, 2012 - Issue CoverTurning World Magazine

FOREST CITY, N.C., Sept. 13, 2013 — The "Embracing Haiti" photojournalism project's principal cameraman has scheduled his second working trip to Haiti to pursue project objectives and is seeking the public's input on ways to increase patron funding.

Independent photojournalist Brad Workman of project producer Turning World Communications is to arrive in Port-au-Prince in mid-September to continue work on the long-term, non-partisan venture for visual reporting on Haiti's enduring social and political struggles.

"I am eager to be photographing in Haiti again, but Turning World also needs to be more proactive and creative in seeking faithful patrons," Workman wrote while developing new fundraising efforts for the venture. "I believe that some supportive people in America and abroad who know about "Embracing Haiti" have thoughts on how to make the fundraising more effective. I hope to hear from those folks."

Those wanting to share fundraising ideas will, ideally, send email to "think_haiti" at They may also use the company's standard contact options.

"Embracing Haiti" launched on July 28, and Workman's first project trip to Haiti ended Aug. 19. The final "Embracing Haiti" fundraising deadline is July 27, 2014.

The project's planned media releases include a print book, a digital book, a framed gallery exhibit, and a freely distributable multimedia Web report. One year has been scheduled for intermittent Haiti visits for principal photography.

In its Human Development Report 2013 the U.N. ranked Haiti 161 out of 187 countries or territories based on the Human Development Index, or HDI. The index is a combined measure of life expectancy, educational attainment, and income.

Turning World will not seek profit on "Embracing Haiti" book sales, the gallery exhibit will be available free by request for display at any legitimate venue willing to pay any needed shipping charges, and the distributable multimedia report will be free to view on Turning World's website.

Premiums are available for patrons at every support level, including $5, and are described on the project Web page at

Workman has visited Haiti 21 times since 2003 and published five Haiti-based issues of Turning World Magazine. He founded Turning World Communications in 2007.


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