February 12, 2023 (second of two page updates)

Dear Web Visitor:

I am a photojournalist and the founder of Turning World Communications.

Through Turning World I produce non-partisan works about people and places enmeshed in social or political change or distress. In service to the Turning World mission I try to create exposure for the journalism. Today, Turning World functions mainly as a patron-funded media maker pursuing self-initiated projects. Tomorrow, I also hope to be energized by the story you want me to pursue by unsolicited assignment.

Please know Turning World can deliver most archived content (even unpublished content) for display, reproduction, transmission, or publishing. Consultation about the work and concept development are available to any partner.

Haiti is where I have worked most and have landed there 30 times. I have also taken my cameras and intentions to Georgia, Israel and the West Bank, Liberia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, and Venezuela. I specialized in photojournalism at the University of Florida. I received a master's in journalism from Marshall University.

If you are a patron or potential patron or an editor or other professional communicator needing archived materials then I welcome your inquiry. Likewise, I am eager for you to reach out to me about producing new work by mutually suitable assignment (again, our mission).

I have been, for perhaps too long, working on a unified series of books to display some images I made in Haiti. I feel comfortable claiming that — excluding time required for printing and proofing processes — one book is nearing completion. In my second and third February updates to this page I described the printing and proofing time as "additional." Some might come to see it as a foreshadowing that I cannot guarantee that the printing and proofing time never entered my mind at all before I described the book — in my first February update to this page — as "nearing completion" without even mentioning printing and proofing time. Regardless, I am an editor eager to share the book and move forward.

Best Wishes,bwBrad Workman

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