PATRONS help make Turning World turn. Please become a new patron or renew your support now at a level that feels comfortable. Your contribution at even the minimum level will be useful and appreciated, genuinely.

I. Fund Latest Project

II. Fund Discretionary Account

I. Fund Latest Project

The "Yellow Butterfly" books project is Turning World's latest patron-funded effort, but we are not seeking contributions to explicitly support this project alone. Patrons can contribute indirectly by contributing to the discretionary account below. Or, click the fundUS™ link on the project home page after reviewing details there.

II. Fund Discretionary Account

Contributions to the Turning World discretionary account (adults only, please) may be used by Turning World to pay any cost incurred in pursuit of its mission. For examples, funds may be used to develop new projects, expand or complete projects, or pay salaries. Whereas patrons contributing to the latest project are commonly offered a "premium" patrons contributing directly to this account are choosing to not receive a premium and may contribute any amount of at least $5.00. Patrons should presume they will be acknowledged publicly by amount contributed and by name, by the name of the contributing organization, or both. Please do not fund Turning World at the expense of any cause considered worthwhile. A potential patron thinking of reducing or not increasing funding to such others should kindly bypass Turning World or allocate extra. Please also note that Turning World Communications (based in the USA) is not legally organized as a charity, non-profit, or tax-exempt entity.

Finally, though Turning World may refuse any contribution to the discretionary account (money from any government or a "hate" group, for examples) contributions are otherwise non-refundable unless requested within 31 days of issuance. So please learn about Turning World and contact Brad Workman with any questions before contributing at a comfortable level. Thank you!


$5 minimum

Check or Money Order (No Turning World Maximum)

Check or Money Order


$250 minimum

Electronic Transfer to Our Bank (No Turning World Maximum)

Electronic Bank Transfer

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