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Yellow Butterfly:

Haiti and the Transformation of an American Photojournalist

Book One - Limited Edition

Bradley S. Workman

Yellow Butterfly - Book One - Cover

"Someone who knew all happenings before and after might disagree with my decision, but I know the specific sin I wish to shine light on first. I do not claim it is my worst dereliction."

         — excerpt from the preface

The "Yellow Butterfly" books project is envisioned as a series of four similarly titled volumes with varied publication dates. It is, broadly speaking, a visual reportage project meant to bring Haiti's friends, foes, and uninitiated strangers closer to the buffeted republic. It is, moreover, a venture to present evidence of the author's partial professional confession and correction and spiritual metamorphosis. The foundational photographs were taken in Haiti in 2013, 2017, 2019, and 2020 by visiting American journalist and erratic traveler Brad Workman. The heart of Book One is 107 different images (some previously placed on public display or published) captured from late July to late September, 2013. Book One includes a guide to the images within and the opening installment of a preface that will be fully revealed across some or all of the remaining, yet-to-be-constructed volumes.

(per signed copy - excludes shipping)

Publication Date: Aug. 22, 2023 (ET)
Hardcover - Approximately 16.75 x 10.75 x 1 Inches - Landscape Format
Text Language: English
98 Pages in "Layflat" Binding - Matte Photo Paper

Note: The book offered here is part of a limited edition of maximum ten books. The edition is comprised of the very first copy of Book One (aside from any pre-existing and plainly labeled author's proofs and not-for-sale sample products) and nine additional copies. Each of the limited edition copies (nine of which are not necessarily among the first ten books distributed) will be numbered by, dated by, and signed by the author: Bradley S. Workman. The title page in any books that are not part of the limited edition will lack designated spaces for the aforementioned author's markings.

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